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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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house now admits next on kpix5 news.
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plane. tonight: passengers give us a play-b now at 11:00 chaos on a flight at sfo after a teenager jumps off the plane. tonight passengers give us a play-by-play of the trouble on the tarmac. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. the copa airlines flight left panama city and touched down about 2:30 this afternoon at sfo. that's where kpix5's andria borba is tonight with the latest. >> reporter: well, it was that moment after a long flight when everyone is just itching to get off a plane, but before this plane could get to the gate a teen took matters into his own hands only to end up in the hands of customs and border agents. >> he jumped off a plane. >> reporter: this was the scene moments after the flight touched down at sfo from panama city. >> when we landed, the emergency door opened as soon
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as we landed. it popped up. >> the whole door goes up and i start to hear something. >> reporter: that's when passengers notice not only that the emergency exit door was missing, so was the teen-ager. >> and then this guy, i see him jump on the wing and then he starts climbing down the wing and then he just runs. then he just starts running the other way. >> reporter: on the ground the teenager was chased down and detained by construction crews who are trained by sfo to look out for suspicious behavior. this is what the tarmac looked like moments later from chopper 5. inside the boeing 737-800 confusion and sunlight reigned. >> all the windows were closed. so the lights came in and we're like what happened? >> reporter: you can see the sunlight reflecting on flight attendants' faces. that's when law enforcement hopped on the flight. >> they just tell us to wait more because of what happened. >> reporter: kpix5's security analyst jeff harp, former special agent in charge of the
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san francisco fbi office, was also an aircraft specialist on the hostage rescue team and has opened many emergency exit doors. >> if you know what you're doing, it could be done pretty quick, but it's also not super complicated. they don't want it to be complicated because in an emergency you don't want to be fiddling with the handle trying to figure out what to do. >> reporter: the flight which landed 30 minutes early just sat there while passengers tried to make sense of the premature exit. >> i think that the problem was with the door. that's what i think and i don't think that he opened it on purpose. i think that the door opened and he got scared and jumped. >> he wasn't there just to jump off the plane. he was there to do something else i think. >> reporter: now we have since learned that this teen was traveling alone. he has been taken to a san francisco hospital for a mental health evaluation. live at sfo andria borba, kpix5. >> and we got ahold of the radio transmission from the pilot just after the teen jumped.
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>> this flight crew told us that we have an over wing exit that is open and somebody trying to get off from the wing. that's correct? >> this is just the latest of several security breaches at sfo. in december a man ran onto the tarmac. you can see him there as police try to tackle him. eventually they caught him and in march of 2015 a woman snuck through a fence, tried to hop aboard a flight. she started waving her arms at a plane that was still on the ground. now let's take a live look outside in dub lip. it reached triple digits -- dublin. it reached triple digits there and some other spots around the bay area there today and there's more to come. >> there is a heat advisory still in effect tonight through tomorrow, only for the bay area hills because not only have they been hot during the day, not cooling off at night. they're above the marine layer and overnight lows tonight in places like mount hamilton and dublin staying around 80 degrees.
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so triple digit heat continuing tomorrow. we certainly did it today, ukiah 110, danville and fairfield 103, st. helena 102. it was downright chilly in parts of san francisco. 21 miles meant a 42-degree difference. it's only 58 for a high in parts of san francisco. talk about how long the heat sticks around, a tiny rain chance and increase in humidity coming up later in the show. >> thank you, paul. breaking news in hayward, two homes damaged in a fire. flames tore through a home near fifth and b streets at around 8:00 and then spread to a neighboring house. about 40 firefighters and 10 engines responded. the chief says they had a hard time getting inside. >> our personnel made an aggressive interior fire attack met with excessive amounts of material inside the building and were not able to make easy access to the seat of the fire. >> the fire is now out.
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investigators are on scene looking for a cause. the original house has significant damage. there was minor damage to the home next-door. so far we know of one person who is displaced. al need a county firefighters help -- alameda county firefighters helped out tonight and also covered in case any other emergencies came up in hayward. tonight president trump's approval rating hits a new all time low, just 38% according to the 538 tracker of major national polls. 's betty yu now there are some new questions about the president and his son and russia. cbs5's betty yu has more on what the white house is now admitting and what it could mean for the president. betty? >> ken, the white house press secretary said today that the president did weigh in on his son's statement about a meeting trump, jr. took with a russian lawyer last year. it's something the special counsel who is leading the russia investigation will want to look into. ut donald trump junior's june 2016 the white house now
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acknowledges that the president helped write a misleading statement about donald trump, jr.'s june, 2016 meeting with a russian lawyer at trump tower. >> the statement that don, jr. issued is true. there's no inaccuracy in the statement. >> reporter: press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. >> the president weighed in, as any father would based on the limited information that he had. >> reporter: the president's attorney initially denied that mr. trump had anything to do with it last month. >> this was donald trump, jr. and his lawyers. the president was not involved in that. >> reporter: the statement from trump , jr. was drafted last month aboard air force one as the president returned from the g20 summit in germany. it was sent to the new york times which was reporting on the 2016 meeting. it said the meeting was about the adoption of russian children, but trump, jr. later released e-mails which showed he thought the russian lawyer had dirt on hillary clinton to which he replied, "i love it." >> it was such a nothing i literally wouldn't have remembered the meeting. >> reporter: the president's
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son-in-law jared kushner and then campaign chairman paul manafort also attended the meeting. >> it doesn't look good. >> reporter: a former federal prosecutor said the president's intervention in writing the statement may get him into potential legal trouble with special counsel robert mueller. >> well, as a prosecutor, if somebody comes to you and tells you x and, in fact, that's not true and then you learn that somebody counseled them to do that, then you're going to look at not only the person that made the false statement, but the person that coached them or instructed them to basically obstruct justice. >> president trump's attorney issued a statement to cnn saying, "apart from being of no consequence, the characterizations are misinformed, inaccurate and not pertinent." betty yu, kpix5. tonight the senate has voted overwhelmingly to confirm the new fbi director, christopher wray, replacing james comey and takes on a role in the russia investigation. 'ts. and they are not going to go
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what can we expect? we asked our security analyst, former fbi special agent. th sides of congress, the during >> they know the do's and don't's and they're not going to go down any path that will allow them to stray into the political atmosphere. they're going to try to keep it on the straight and narrow because at the end of the day the american people, the government, both sides of congress, they want resolution. >> during his confirmation hearing wray said that he would never pledge loyalty to the president and would push back if the president pressured him to drop the investigation. a homeless woman begging for money on the street with her baby, their story grabbed the attention of the bay area since we first introduced you to them, but they aren't alone. tonight only on 5 we met a family of 10 who has been in a shelter for more than a decade and we wanted to know what is being done about the problem of homeless families in san francisco? well, here's what joe vazquez found out. >> reporter: the maponda
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family, eight children, two parents, homeless in san francisco. >> it's hard and it's a struggle and you got to keep fighting for your babies. >> reporter: the father is originally from the congo. he said he's been homeless 11 years because his immigration paperwork got lost and he couldn't get a job. his wife leticia is from oakland. the children's ages range from 4 months to 11 years. they're among the 190 homeless families in san francisco. >> it's just lack of housing is causing us to be homeless and being on the streets. >> reporter: a lack of housing. >> yes, lack of housing. if we can get housing, it would make a tremendous difference. >> reporter: leticia and the children live in the hamilton family shelter in the tenderloin, the same shelter as megan doudney. we introduced you to megan last week, 34 years old, homeless with baby nadalia now 6 weeks old. we learned of her story because of the social media outrage. some folks are angry an infant this young is out on the street
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right next to her mom as she panhandles. >> yeah. i'm going to do what i do to support me and my child. >> reporter: megan and her baby spend their nights inside the shelter which has food, medicine and parenting classes. she said she begs for money to buy diapers and formula. >> whenever i see families in crisis, my heart breaks for them. >> reporter: this spokesman said the city prioritizes getting homeless families immediately off the street. the department is about to roll out a new system called coordinated entry to streamline homeless families into shelters and then work to get them more permanent housing more quickly. >> we've heard about stories where people weren't able to access services and as we roll the coordinated entry out, families will be able to enter the system at various points. >> reporter: they're also about to open a new family shelter. the coordinated entry system is to be up and running by october. as for this family, the sheer size of the family is a
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challenge in housing them. in fact, people tell them all the time they have too many kids. what have you said when people say stop having babies? >> i love my kids and i mean they're the future. >> reporter: there is hope. the father said he recently got his immigration paperwork in order and is now driving for lyft and plans to move his family out of the shelter and into housing in the sacramento area very soon. >> bay area philanthropists are raising money to help homeless families, $20 million so far. they hope to raise 10 million more. this fight broke out in the stands during the battle of the bay. tonight we learned it all started over a backpack. >> san jose police are issuing fines for illegal 4th of july fireworks, but tonight there is outrage they may be punishing the wrong people. >> and police say this woman said i do, then pulled a gun from her wedding dress, tonight the bizarre case of the pistol packing bride.
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security changes at the coliseum guard.. caug >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living changes. security changes at the coliseum tonight after this, a guard caught on camera attacking a fan. the a's took on the giants again tonight. cbs5's christin ayers is at the coliseum and tonight that security guard is out of a job. >> reporter: yeah. oakland police are investigating. the fans who we spoke to at tonight's game say they never expected a conflict over a security guard's stolen backpack to come to blows. >> i covered a lot of games here, first -- come to a lot of games here, first i've ever seen that kind of behavior at an a's game. >> reporter: on the field last night it was the battle of the bay in the stands the brawl in the bleachers captured by fans on cell phone video.
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a female coliseum security guard can be seen attacking a fan, punching her and pulling her hair. >> it was definitely shocking and surprising to see that it got that intense. >> reporter: we found darrell johnson in section 321 of the coliseum where it all happened. he was nearby when the fight broke out. >> security is supposed to be here to stop stuff like that, not be involved in it. >> i would think security guards wouldn't need to be punching people. >> reporter: oakland police say it started when a fan took a different security guard's backpack while the guard was on duty. the female guard can be seen pacing the stands presumably looking for the fan. once she identified the fan -- >> all of a sudden fists started flying. >> reporter: will martinez was shooting video when it happened. >> she was the main culprit, but there were a couple other security guards probably involved. >> reporter: the guard was employed by usa a with staff pro. staff pro said the employee involved in the confrontation
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has been terminated. the a's asked that no guards from ussa work tonight's game. we saw guards working the entrance tonight all wearing staff pro jackets. there were no ussa guards in sight. now the a's also released a statement saying, "we do not tolerate violence." police tell me so far there have been no arrests. live at oakland coliseum, christin ayers, kpix5. california highway patrol officer rescued a 2-month-old girl from a hot car in san jose. tonight the baby's 25- year-old aryanna rolling of san pablo is under arrest. the confident spotted the car parked along highway -- the officer spotted the car parked along highway 217 and spotted the mother sleeping inside right next to her child. >> the windows were rolled up on the vehicle and the outside temperature was in excess of 90 degrees. the child wasn't sleeping but was panting. >> rolling faces charges
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including child dangerment and driving under the influence -- endangerment and driving under the influence. the baby is recovering tonight at santa clara medical center. . tonight the contra costa board of supervisors approved an extreme crackdown, no stopping, standing or parking at all times on portions of silver and jade streets. it's an effort to keep drivers from coming in, playing loud music and congregating. more signs will be installed soon. tonight is national night out and there were events all across the bay area. in san jose the police department held a festival with games and carnival rides. the goal, to improve the relationship between police and the community. tonight the chief told us expect to see more officers on the street. ficers from other organizations that of something sp >> we're turning the corner thanks to the mayor and council, this police department is competitive again. our academy classes have grown. i'm getting officers back that left. i'm getting officers from other organizations that want to be
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part of something special here in san jose. >> the chief says about a dozen former officers have also contacted him. now.. the city council has approved hundreds of officers have left in the past five years, many because of pension cuts in san jose. now the city council has approved a new contract with big raises to try and keep more officers from quitting. there is some outrage tonight over dozens of fines handed out in san jose. the city accused some people of setting off illegal fireworks, but there's a problem. veronica de la cruz tells us there's no proof. >> yeah, liz, that's right. we talked to some people who say they are wrongly accused. illegal fireworks lit up the sky in san jose on the 4th of july and now the city has sent fines to dozens of people accusing them of setting them off, but neighbors say the fines are based on anonymous reporting and unsubstantiated claims. done or anything by city officials." a city receive >> i just was furious. i couldn't believe that somebody could report something
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online and automatically i'd get a ticket. >> they're just issuing these citations. there's no investigation been done or anything from the city officials. >> a city spokesperson said the city received more than 1,000 complaints but only issued citations if there was photo or video evidence, multiple reports or at the very least a followup conversation with the reporting party. some people who received the fines told us they're innocent and they plan to take their cases to court, but they still have to pay that $500 fine before challenging this citation. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. a new bride spent her honeymoon in jail after allegedly pulling a gun on her new husband. e at this tennessee motel.. witnesses say they'd been drinking.. but then their fight got really heated... sgt. kyl the 25-year-old bride and her husband apparently made a scene at this tennessee hotel. witnesses say they'd been drinking. then the fight got really heated. >> she pulled out of her wedding dress a 9-millimeter pistol, pointed it at her new husband's head and pulled the
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trigger. >> luckily the gun didn't discharge, but then she loaded it, cocked it, fired it into the air. she was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. now to a great white encounter caught on camera in the waters off cape cod, this 11-foot shark spotted a go pro yesterday and fried to take a little bite out of -- tried to take a little bite out of it. you got an up close look at the shark's razor sharp teeth. researchers attached the camera to a pole and held it safely from the boat. the camera, by the way, was not damaged. >> that will be the next commercial for go pro, even a shark can't take it down. we have the onshore flow raging through the golden gate right now where at crissy field the high was 78. you've cooled down to 56. it's windy and foggy. you'd think nobody was hot today, but livermore and concord were above 100 degrees, in the 70s still right now, as is san jose, 70 degrees currently. mid- to upper 60s for lows.
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this is a warm night for the bay area, livermore dropping to 67, fairfield 65, even napa and vallejo low 60s, but san francisco and oakland will have low cloud cover and fog and pacifica with lows in the mid- 50s. two districts features very close to each other but giving california two different weather patterns. redding, california record high today 113, ukiah 110 degrees because of this ridge sitting off to our west but still feeding in a light onshore flow. the coast will stay chilly and the bay relatively mild. now this area of low pressure, it has been pouring in northern arizona, southern nevada around vegas and henderson, portions of southern california. some of this moisture, at a minimum cloud cover, will make it to the bay area as soon as tomorrow. typically this time of year i'm showing you low clouds moving in during the day, exiting in the afternoon. look at this. by 6 a.m. low cloud cover is there, fog is there, but also some midlevel cloud cover coming up from the south and east with us the better part of the morning, even a slight chance of a
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thunderstorm down toward hollister tomorrow afternoon. as for when things will normalize, that will be saturday as we have low pressure parked off the california coastline feeding in that cool onshore flow. plan on an increase in humidity, an increase in cloud cover and a tiny shower or thunderstorm chance for the far north bay coming up on thursday afternoon and thursday night. tomorrow cloudy but we're still hot, another triple digits day away from the -- triple digit day away from the water and a tiny chance of a thunderstorm late thursday. we won't be as hot because humid air takes more time to warm up. san jose 93 degrees tomorrow, 11 degrees above average, 98 for campbell, 86 warm degrees for union city, pleasanton 100 tomorrow, brentwood, discovery bay back to 100 tomorrow, 83 in richmond, novato 93 degrees and lake port still toasty at 104. we're more humid and cloudy thursday, mostly cloudy day. friday we're still warm and cloudy. we clear things out over the weekend and get back to normal,
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which is chilly nearly the bay, 80s and 90s inland. we'll notice an increase in cloud cover coming up as soon as tomorrow. >> be a relief maybe. steph curry, the two time nba mvp, but tonight you might say he has a new title, the ultimate party crasher. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert.
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well, some people in rhode party crashers, they can be the worst, right? >> well, some people in rhode island didn't seem to mind when this guy, yeah, that guy right there in the middle, showed up according to tmz, steph curry, and a group of friends passed by the newport house this weekend, heard loud music blasting and asked if they could join in, party a little bit. curry was in town for harrison barnes' wedding. >> you know who curry reminds me of right now? jim harbaugh. he's everywhere, right? he's popping up all over the place. but guess where curry is going to be thursday? not crashing a party. i have breaking news tonight. the giants actually had a big inning, but would it stand up in the series? we're up next.
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when having a little extra can mean a lot ...turn to care. go to and enroll today. the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. irst, matching their biggest output in any in >> giants just haven't had very many big innings this year. tonight against the a's they scored five in the 1st matching their biggest output in any
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inning all season. for the second straight night over 38,000 packing it in the coliseum, already 3-0, giants 1st inning. nick connolly gets his fifth home run of the ar, two-run shot, five-run inning for san francisco. it's 7-4 when hunter pence goes opposite field, his eighth long ball of the year. 10-4 the final. giants snap their four game losing streak, bring it to san francisco. steph curry will play his first pro golf tournament this week when he tees it up on the tours elly mae classic. he's off to win 2,500-1. curry played a practice round today but admitted his game isn't completely ready to play against the pros following his trip to asia and a stopover in rhode island last weekend, as you saw, for former teammate harrison barnes' wedding. ) in the bank of the >> if any of the pros followed
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my practice regiment leading up to this tournament, i know they've got a lot of talent, they'd probably be very underprepared. coming off the china trip wasn't the best of timing for this tournament, but i'll still have fun. 18-year-old bellis facing cornet in the bank of the west classic. bellis wins in straight sets. she advances to the second round. now you see it, now you don't catch of the year. indian center fielder austin jackson, now he's in boston's bullpen. ramirez took the home run away. nobody ever helps the opposing player in times of need. boston would win the game 12- 10. >> that was incredible. >> yes indeed. >> i give him a 10. >> do you like curry's chances at 2,500-1? will you lay it down in vegas? just make the cut.
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>> always bet on curry.
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late show with stephen colbert is next. captioning sponsored by cbs >> priebus' departure completes the purge >> purge, purge. >> this is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the white house purge. happy purging. >> for 24 hours, every 24 hours, anything goes at the white house. no loyalty. no sanity. the purge: white house. no staffer is safe. scaramucci, priebus, spicer. the purge: white house. who will be next? our money's on this guy.


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